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Comprehensive investigation and tracking to help the treatment of discarded masks

How to deal with discarded masks is an urgent problem that needs to be solved under the situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control. The Xindu District Procuratorate of Xingtai City, Hebei Province, relying on its public interest litigation procuratorial function, issued procuratorial recommendations to urge relevant departments to solve this problem, and actively contributed to the prosecution force for the full victory of the People’s War, the overall war, and the deterrence war for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The district party committee secretary Wang Yinming affirmed: “Praise praise to the district procuratorate’s party group. We must attach great importance to the disposal of discarded masks and plug all risk loopholes that may spread and cause the epidemic.”
16 2021/12

Investigation on market chaos of medical dressings as facial masks sold on the Internet

With the rise of e-commerce platforms and live broadcast sales, "Machine Brand" masks applied on the face and cosmetic contact lenses worn on the eyes are becoming more popular in live broadcast rooms and are favored by consumers. But many consumers do not know that it is a medical device
16 2021/12

Chang'an University has launched a comprehensive elimination of student volunteers wearing two sets of protective clothing

From 00:00 on December 14th to 00:00 on the 15th, 3 new confirmed cases were confirmed in Xi'an, all of whom were faculty and staff members of Chang'an University and their families. After completing the nucleic acid test for all employees overnight, Chang'an University has carried out a comprehensive elimination, implemented peak-shift dining, suspended classrooms, libraries and other public places, organized online teaching, and students temporarily stopped in their dormitories.
15 2021/12

Tips | Collect it! Things you must know about these anti-epidemic items!

Through this year’s epidemic, everyone has heard of all kinds of medical supplies terms, and I believe they have also heard of protective clothing, isolation gowns, etc., in the eyes of many people, aren’t these all the same thing? Of course, it seems that non-professionals do not understand the difference, so today I will give you a popular science~
15 2021/12

"Black technology" and "high-value" masks are sought after, industry insiders say

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Nanning citizens' awareness of epidemic prevention has gradually increased, and masks have become an indispensable anti-epidemic product for every family. At present, most citizens choose to go to pharmacies to buy masks. However, in the eyes of some citizens, especially young people, the appearance of masks sold in pharmacies is the same and lacks individuality. In addition, a small number of citizens feel bored when wearing masks and have difficulty breathing. Eyes are cast on masks with "black technology" such as "fresh air function". What is the protective effect of "black technology" and "high-value" masks? To this end, the reporter visited a number of pharmacies, shops, and online shops selling masks in Nanning to find out.
13 2021/12

"Small masks" have a big bearing on people's livelihood. What new changes are there in the people's desperate hope?

"Small masks" have a lot to do with people's livelihood. The quality of masks is related to the health of the people. Since the beginning of this year, what are the new changes in the pass rate of mask sampling? What are the new measures to combat the illegal manufacture and sale of masks? The General Administration of Market Supervision held a press conference on the 7th and released a batch of authoritative information on mask sampling and quality and safety standards.
08 2021/12
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